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Laugh Alive have created quick-fire or lengthier therapeutic and educational workshops to bring to all groups, time frames and environments

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LAUGHTER GYM SESSIONS - 30/45mins/1hr - Playful and progressive build-up of stress busting laughter exercises, ending in laughter meditation. Includes Laughter Yoga, stress busting, energising, playful–fitness, breathing, health tips, relaxation. The Laughter Gym is impactive and dynamic yet guided and timed to suit the needs of each group. Catered to all ages and fitness levels. For complimentary group chocolate events click HERE.

LAUGH ALIVE WORKSHOPS  - 1.5/2hrs + 1/2 day - Lengthier Laugh Alive workshops incorporate a Laughter Gym/Laughter Yoga session. Then depending on the focus/ length of the event may also include: interactive discussions on laughter, humour and health, Positive Psychology exercises, energetic breathing, creative group play, laughing games and techniques, relaxing/focussing laughter tools to learn and take away. For complimentary group chocolate events click HERE.

MINDFUL LAUGHTER - 1/1.5hrs - An interactive, dynamic laughter and breath-work session. Designed to release tension completely from the body. Our laughter and mindfulness approach focusses you experientially in the moment. It is light-hearted yet rich in meaning and deep in release. Laughter that focusses you completely in the present.

SCHOOLS & TEACHING ORGANISATIONS - 1/1.5hrs - An interactive, learning experience about the benefits of laughter for health, confidence and happiness. Our approach is playful but geared towards understanding laughter-as-a-serious-business and life skill. Learn how laughter, humour and comedy are different. Learn how to use laughter respectfully and for every day therapeutic use and stress release. This is fun-with-purpose for school children and teachers alike. For the CHOCOLATE LAB! click HERE.

REGULAR PUBLIC WORKSHOPS 2014/15 - Evolution Arts, Brighton Tel: 01273 204 204  1/2 day laughter workshops throughout the year. For further information and to book please contact directly.

NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL EVENTS - A variety of corporate events, health care workshops, hen parties and group sessions regularly take place in France, Spain, Brighton, London and throughout the UK. We are open to suggestions so let us know if you have ideas for holistic holidays, festivals and more...




Daily Express: “Amanda is oozing with energy and life!  I leave the session feeling wonderfully light-hearted and in higher spirits than I have been in a long time. Days later I am still in high spirits and heartily recommend the Laughter Gym to anyone who needs to remember how easy it is to laugh.” Amy Bratley



Contact Laugh Alive, chat through your requirements and parameters and we will design a programme just for you.

*Our laughter leaders can travel to you or hire a venue.

*We like a minimum of 6 people per group. Maximum is anything you like... our biggest group so far has been 850!

*No matter how unique your needs we can create a bespoke event just right for you.

*There are few contraindications to experiencing dynamic laughter. However, please discuss any health issues before booking your session.

*Our laughter experiences are open to people from all age groups, fitness levels and languages.

*No experience is necessary but a willingness to smile and explore something new is helpful.



Laugh Alive have years of experience with people who laugh and people who don't! For example, groups managing pain, groups dealing with low energy, carers, nurses, fire services, teachers, highly stressed individuals, happy people… not so happy people, adults, the elderly or less able bodied, children, hen parties and more. A laughter workshop is the perfect leveller and bonds groups and individuals from all walks of life and cultures. See what they say in Testimonials.


The Laughter Gym involves stretching, laughter warm ups, breathing, movement and interaction with others in the room, whilst using non-postural Laughter Yoga -- specific simulated and stimulated laughter exercises that release stress and barriers, induce a state of relaxation, spontaneous laughter and a low-physical but dynamic experience for the whole body system. The group are then integrated with a laughter meditation and relaxation.

The Laughter Gym works without the need for the participant to be entertained or to be put on the spot (!) – it is an interactive group experience. The exercises are non-strenuous and fun and may be learnt and used for daily, office life or developed for use in daily group sessions. The Laughter Gym is an effective way to bond teams; from the apprentice to the CEO... where languages, cultures, age or health issues are no longer barriers.

And finally... at a Laughter Gym Session you can laugh your way to health and fitness. The laughter exercises are quirky, fun and a great stress-buster, stimulating the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and muscular systems. One of the most prominent laughter researchers, Dr William Fry, suggests that 100 laughs a day are equivalent to 10 minutes of rowing or jogging.

"Laughter... it's on everyone's lips!"                                                                                  


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