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Enjoy thigh-slapping fun, choccy indulgence and just the best giggle with your mates! Our Brighton Hen Parties offer a trio of inspired activities, not only in Sussex. Each event has been hand and heart-crafted by out team and is infused with vibrant laughter or chocolate.



THE LAUGHTER GYM  - 1hr - Quite simply... hilarious fun. It's a Brighton grown interactive session with laughter yoga at the heart. Unforgettable girlie and group bonding experience. Prices start at £17pp with discounts after 12. Hen goes free after 15. 

LUSCIOUS LOVE CHOCOLATE MAKING WORKSHOP - 2hrs-ish - You will Feel like you've died and gone to chocolate heaven as you journey into EVERYTHING chocolate. All ages from 8 plus. Prices start at £38pp with discounts after 12. £5pp to add on a 'Chocolatini Cocktail'.

CHOCOLATE CHUCKLES - Half day package - An endorphin rush like no other as we take you through the perfect marriage of both the Laughter Gym and a Chocolate workshop. The Mr & Mrs of feel good. Need we say more except... I do!? £50pp with discounts after 10 (already a £5 discount). Further discounts after 12. £5pp to add on a 'Chocolatini Cocktail'.

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All events take place in Brighton/Sussex/Surrey/Central London. See at the end for indepth details on each session.



Remember we price match our workshops. We offer events that are truly scrumptious and original and we have the best teachers.

-Special offer for hens and adult birthday parties in Brighton: Book any week day including a Friday and receive a 15% discount on either a laughter or choc experience.

-Bride or birthday girl/boy gets a cheeky bottle of fizz for groups over 10 on any week day including Fridays.

-The chocolate chuckles package carries an in-built discount as you are taking both. Hooorah!



"Brilliant time – great teacher! Would definitely recommend. Thanks Lisa." - (Bride)

"Such Great fun! Found this session so invigorating and relaxing. Now definitely a relaxed bride. Niala x"

"Better than sex!! Really good!!!" - (Bride!)

"I laughed so much that I cried. Really enjoyable." - Karen (Bride’s Mum)

"What an experience! – absolutely brilliant fun – Thank You." - (Hen mate)

"AMAZING!! I will use dome techniques with Tommy on the honeymoon! Lauren xx." (Bride)

"Thank you so much, would recommend this to any hen party." - Joanna Jeffries (Bride)



The Laughter Gym takes one giggleful hour and is a totally unique laughter experience! The tittering sets the scene for all hen or birthday party plans… and a great guffaw immediately breaks the ice. The laughter exercises are quirky, playful and a great stress-buster including, laughter warm ups, laughter yoga, laughter meditation and loads of giggles… helping you to lighten up with laughter and chuckle your way to a stress free weekend whilst bonding with the whole group.

The laughter gym uses playful laughter techniques that are relaxing, spontaneous and a dynamic workout for the whole body. The group experience is perfect for most ages and fitness levels and is guaranteed to put a smile on the Bride’s or birthday girl's face for the whole weekend!

Group numbers start at 6 and can end at thirty or more depending on the size of the studio. We choose the perfect studio space for your group or can come to you at a house or rented apartment.

All you need to enjoy a Laughter Gym session is comfortable day wear, bare feet, a bottle of water and a smile...  If desired, you might want to bring a small snack or piece of fruit to eat after the session in order to replenish blood sugar levels.



YES GIRLS! It is indeed the unique Chocolate Chuckles package! See below for the perfect partnership... the meeting of soul mates.

Chocolate Chuckles is an explosive marriage of the two things we love most... Laughter and Chocolate. And, what could be better for your hen weekend than spending fun-filled time indulging your chuckles in a LAUGHTER GYM plus one of the LOVE CHOCOLATE EVENTS with your best mates? 

In this youth enhancing, endorphin rush of a 3 hour package (split over half a day with a break) you will be guided through a hilarious Laughter Gym session (incorporating Laughter Yoga) to relax, release, re-energise and bond your ladies with smiles and masses of giggles.  Then you will be treated to a sumptuous, Love Chocolate sensation as you explore the journey, tastes and love of chocolate

So, tickle your taste buds and liven up with laughter as Laugh Alive and Love Chocolate bring you the ultimate girly experience... Chocolate Chuckles



A deposit is required at the time of confirmation in order to secure the date, time and the studio. For session costs and further information, please contact Laugh Alive.

"Laughter & chocolate... it's on everyone's lips!"

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