Chocolate Making Workshop Surrey

Chocolate Making Workshop Surrey
Laugh Alive's Chocolate Making Workshop in Surrey

Our chocolate making workshop in Surrey is a bonding experience you didn't know you needed.
When You Need Laugh Alive
Why Consider a Chocolate Workshop?
The Chocolate Services We Offer
What People Say About Us
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We offer a unique experience for team building, improving wellbeing and enhancing productivity.
When You Need Laugh Alive
At Laugh Alive, all our experiences are uniquely tailored to you and are sculpted straight from the heart. So you can come to use it when you want something a little more than a rainy seminar weekend or the usual celebration at your local pub. With our chocolate-making experiences, you will undoubtedly leave having formed stronger attachments, laughing out loud, and having so much fun. It's like being a child again. And of course, there's tons of CHOCOLATE! So, keep Laugh Alive in mind for your next group meeting, family gathering, or even a hen party.
Why Consider a Chocolate Workshop?
If you love chocolate, or even if you don't, you can book a chocolate workshop simply to have tons of fun. And at the end of the day, you get to take home any products you make. Unless, of course, you ate them all! But further from the fun, we also offer you the chance to learn about chocolate. You will learn how it's made (of course), where it comes from, and what it can do for you. Making chocolate can be an invigorating group session where you get to sample each others' products. Or you can book a couples workshop for something romantic and different.
The Chocolate Services We Offer
At Laugh Alive, we offer different types of workshops to suit your individual requirements:
Chocolate making workshops
This is our best-selling package that runs for around 2 hours. Working in a group, discover everything you need to know about chocolate and make your own in a playful environment.
Chocolate parties
A family-friendly package great for family celebrations where you will make giant chocolate buttons, truffles and decorate fudge. Oh, and LIQUID GIANT MARSHMALLOWS!!!
The chocolate lab
More of an educational experience, this package is great for school classes. Discover and learn all about chocolate, from bean to bar, its use as a medicine and in modern-day cosmetics.
A short taster
These are excellent for families and retailers alike. Like wine tasting, we offer a quick introduction to chocolate with plenty of samples for you to indulge your passion.
The full package
Last but not least, you really want the full package. Here we offer a voyage of chocolate discovery in a more relaxed setting for family, friends, and work colleagues.
Our packages are designed with every type of outing in mind. We know you will have fun.
What People Say About Us
You will love your time at Laugh Alive's chocolate workshop. But don't take our word for it:
Threshold (Brighton Housing Trust)
"The laughter workshop was fantastic – Amanda's energy was both gentle and dynamic, exactly what our clients needed to have the confidence to take part." I would highly recommend this..."
East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
"We didn't expect to be laughing out loud for so long and so hard! We all agreed we felt uplifted and relaxed, which carried on throughout the day."
Daily Express
"Amanda is oozing with energy and life! I leave the session feeling wonderfully light-hearted and in higher spirits than I have been in a long time. Days later, I am still in high spirits…”
All our valued customers have a wonderful time at our workshops, and you can too.
Please Get in Touch for Chocolate Workshops
We know you want to indulge your chocolate dark side, and you can enjoy all we have to offer with your partner, friends and colleagues. Just get in touch with the following details:

Laugh Alive / Love Chocolate
Brighton / Sussex
London / Surrey
Phone: 07867800184
For the best chocolate making workshop in Surrey, you can't go wrong with Laugh Alive's Love Chocolate. We can't wait to hear from you, so we can share our passion and make it yours.

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