Staff well-being events Surrey

Staff well-being events Surrey
Are you looking to host a staff well-being event in Surrey or surrounding areas? Staff well-being should be a priority for many businesses, and addressing this aspect of workers' health can benefit your company.

With increased productivity, higher staff retention rates, fewer days off sick and more, discussing mental health and well-being isn't just a phase; it is an essential part of ensuring you meet the needs of those working for you to improve your business.

But how can you best undertake something of this magnitude? After all, each employee will have different needs?

From putting policies in place to assist and support employees to improving empathy and compassion across your company as a starterl. But holding regular staff well-being events can help you take this one step further.

Laugh Alive Staff Well-Being Events Surrey
At Laugh Alive, we are committed to invoking happiness and laughter at our events. Over the years, we have perfected what we do to allow us to offer a space for people to relax, enjoy themselves, and play a part in improving employee wellness across many different companies.

We have access to a range of tools and activities that allow us to put in place a program to increase your employees' emotional and physical well-being regardless of the sector you operate in.

Providing a place for your employees to connect with each other outside of the workplace and to let them relax and have fun can work to reduce stress levels and increase employee satisfaction.

Want to hear more?

Our services can be adapted to fit into a wide range of scenarios, from lunch break sessions to full-day experiences; our goal is to bring joy and happiness through laughter and fun.

Enrol your employees in our laughter gym, a group workout session to relieve stress through laughter.

Alternately our Laugh Alive Workshop is a more extended session that lasts a few hours. Here we explore a more profound experience that teaches positivity and mindfulness and incorporates meditation.

Our mindful laughter sessions are designed to release tension throughout the whole body.

Looking for something different? We have many more courses available and can work with you to find the right option for your team events in Surrey and local areas.

Treat your Employees Right.
In the modern working world, employees are under more stress from different angles than ever before. Modern technologies and lifestyles can be massively stressful, and employers are urged to play a more significant part in ensuring the mental well-being of staff is as important as physical health and safety in the workplace.

For this reason, at Laugh Alive, we are focused on providing a fun, stress-free space for your employees to take a break from their day-to-day lives and relax, all while learning some new and valuable skills to improve their quality of life.

To find out more or to book the best staff well-being events Surrey, contact us today to see what is available for your company.

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