Fun Yoga Classes Brighton 'Hen Party Ideas Brighton

Fun Yoga Classes Brighton 'Hen Party Ideas Brighton

Here at Laughter Gym, we believe that fun and laughter should be at the core of any activity or outing with friends. Any time spent with friends should revolve around having the most fun possible and sharing many laughs along the way. And what group gathering can be more fun than a hen party? We are overflowing with great Hen Party ideas in Brighton should you and your pals be looking for that extra special place to celebrate that all important evening or weekend with the girls. Read on for our favourite hen party ideas for you and your friends to really let your hair down and go all out.

Calling All Chocoholics

Chocolate and women go together like, well, chocolate and women! So with that in mind we have created some of the best chocolate based activities for you and your hen group to enjoy on your hen party in Brighton.

Our chocolate making workshops will have your hen party feeling like they’re in seventh choccie heaven, as you experiment with creating a host of weird and wonderful chocolate creations.

We’ve been extra good to all you chocoholics and have organised a whole host of different chocolate workshops and activities, depending on the requirements of your hen party in Brighton. So contact our team for more information on 01273 540 700 for the best options for your group.

Fun Yoga Classes Brighton

Combining the delicious chocolate workshops with a fun yoga class here in Brighton is a great way to add a fun balance to your hen party dynamic. Our fun yoga classes offer a unique twist on the traditional art of Yoga and will have your group giggling and have a raucous time.

Our laughter gym package takes 3 hours and combines both the outrageously fun Yoga Class and the Love Chocolate Events. This package is designed with girly groups and hen parties in mind as it promises to be an afternoon filled with laughter, fun and of course lots and lots of chocolate.

The Laughter Gym session is a new innovative way to be active with your hen group without it feeling like you’re exercising. The course is designed to re-energise, relax and release any tension. This session encourages some serious bonding within your group so it’s a great option for any groups with members that don’t know each other. Or groups that want to get to know each other even better.

The above Chocolate and Fun Yoga Class is just one of the many fantastic Hen Party ideas we have for groups visiting Brighton. With Brighton being such a top location for Hen Parties you can rest assured that we have a selection of hen party tricks and activities up our sleeves to make your hen party go with a bang.

Combining an afternoon of chocolate workshops with a fun yoga class is a fantastic way to start the day with your hen party. We can then work with your group to discuss other great hen party ideas that will have you dining like queens and partying at the Brighton hot spots into the wee hours of the morning.

So call our team today on 01273 540 700, to start planning your fantastic hen party right here in beautiful Brighton. 

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