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“Amanda Bate provided an entertaining and illuminating launch to the second of our two day events.  Her energy and enthusiasm was infectious amongst our 850 managers, directors and leaders, and really set-us up for the day ahead.  The Laughter Gym was a fantastic alternative to the usual 'ice-breaker' type events which are the stock substance of conferences, and the crescendo of noise which accompanied Amanda's exercises was wonderful to hear!”
Ernst & Young - Dave Morris, Head of Communications

"AMAZING. I've suffered with depression for a long time and I actually find that laughter and fun are the best treatment.  Maybe even CURE!!! Great job. Hope to see you again. Thank you." Lisa Iddon x WT Pre-School

"The laughter workshop was fantastic – Amanda’s energy was both gentle and dynamic, exactly what our clients needed to have the confidence to take part. I would highly recommend this if you want to put some laughter back into your life!" Threshold (Brighton Housing Trust)

“We didn’t expect to be laughing out loud for so long and so hard!  We all agreed we felt uplifted and relaxed which carried on throughout the day.” East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service - Bernadette Ratcliffe, Occupational Health Administrator

St. Mary's University, London on a Love Chocolate experience: “A first-class, supreme experience from start to finish. Amanda's engaging, intelligent, humorous personality shone through and her attention to detail in all aspects of the chocolate making workshop made it a truly memorable experience. Thank you!.” Gareth Derrig, HR

"Brilliant!! Loved every minute of it.  Learned some great techniques to obliterate stress.  Arrived feeling very low but now feel revived and positive.  Much better way to rease stress and woes than crying.  You are a fabulous teacher and a beautiful person. Much Love Mags." x Evolution Arts Laugh Alive workshop Sept 2013

“Thanks so much for all your unfailing enthusiasm.  Like laughter, it really is infectious.”
Ocean Village Cruises - Gill Haynes, Head of Marketing Communications

“Amanda is oozing with energy and life!  I leave the session feeling wonderfully light-hearted and in higher spirits than I have been in a long time. Days later I am still in high spirits and heartily recommend the Laughter Gym to anyone who needs to remember how easy it is to laugh.” Daily Express - Amy Bratley

“The perfect start to a perfect 2 days – thanks for being brilliant!”
Synectics Europe - Caroline Holt, Managing Partner

“It’s wonderful to finish a session in that place that balances peace and energy.  Thank you.”
Roffey Park Institute - Steve Tarpey

“Thanks Amanda.  Very therapeutic and an interesting insight into team dynamics.”
Sussex Partnership NHS Trust

"Thank you so, so much for the laughter and chocolate!  We all genuinely had a fabulous time and it's by far the talking point of the weekend!  After a few cocktails on Saturday night, we were 'Hoo Hoo Ha ha ha'ing at each other! Andy, my boyfriend, very much enjoyed my truffles too!  :-)" Julia Deegan, Chocolate Chuckles, 2013

"It was very special to stand outside and hear laughter I have never heard before. I have been working together with most of these people for 20-25 years… Well, keep up the good laughing and thank you again."Marit Krogstad, (Higher Executive Officer) University of Tromso, Norway

"Thanks very much for today Amanda. We all really enjoyed our workshop….so different and such fun!! Hope to be able to see you again sometime. Take care, be happy!" Deanne Lee, PeopleandPartners - Chocolate Chuckles

Trevor Froggatt, Northamptonshire Young Carers."Thank you again for your energy and enthusiasm, I am sure that the Young People hugely benefitted from this and will be spreading the Laughter word for a long time to come." Quotes below from the young carers who attended a Laugh Alive workshop:

1.KP was really positive, he was quite nervous about coming beforehand. He said that “ it was really nice to relax and just have a laugh” Boy age 13

2.JB said that she was definitely going to use it in school especially with the teachers. She said that next time Trevor rang her Mum to invite her out she would say, “you’re aving a laff” Girl age 12

3.TW said that "I will use some of it to cheer my mum up. I do this anyway but it will make me do it more."Boy age 11

4.HK said she would look out for JB at school since the workshop. They are in different years, but had never spoken at school before. Girl age 14

"Thank you Amanda. I have been finding it difficult to laugh poperly for some time now. It felt good!! :0)" Evolution Arts Laugh Alive Workshop 2013


  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Legal and General
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Ernst & Young
  • Sandwell Primary Care Trust (pain management, surestart, young adults, domestic abuse centres, carers. As part of the CONFIDENCE AND WELLBEING PUBLIC SUPPORT programmes)
  • CIPD Regional Meetings - Nationwide
  • AXA
  • CIPD Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (Nationwide)
  • Big Ideas (Events)
  • Farney Close School (Special Needs)
  • Manic Depressive Fellowship
  • Surestart Westminster
  • Sussex Fellowship NHS Trust
  • Ocean Village Cruises
  • East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
  • Footdown (Management Training programmes)
  • Big Weekends
  • Hampstead Ladies Group
  • Oral B / Ketchum PR
  • Blind Veterans Sussex
  • Angmering School
  • Roffey Park Institute
  • Synectics Europe
  • David Lloyds - public classes in Brighton
  • Cortijo Romero alternative holidays - Spain
  • La Roane alternative holidays – France
  • Northamptonshire Young Carers
  • Brighton Housing Trust (Threshold)
  • Evolution Arts, Yoga Haven, Planet Janet – public workshops
  • Individual hen parties, family parties, etc

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